The fresh pasta revolution is here...


Malaysia's first real Italian pastificio.

Meaning pasta-factory in Italian, our pastificio specializes in hand-making fresh pastas and sauces from scratch.

We celebrate the ancient traditions of pasta-making - offering you the chance to try the best selection of dishes and traditional recipes from across Italy’s twenty diverse regions.

Our story

The idea behind our name Fratelli’s (the Italian word for brothers) is inspired by the brotherly-bond between our Italian founders Andrea & Filippo - two friends who share a big passion for authentic homemade Italian food. 

Back in Italy, making fresh pasta by hand is a way of life - however living abroad showed them that people didn't always have the time to prepare pasta the Italian way.

So they wanted to put their pasta-making skills they learnt growing up to good use, and help pass on the traditions and appreciation for freshly-made pasta dishes.

Why is fresh better than dried pasta?

We think it's a given that anything fresh is going to be better quality.

But did you also know that fresh pasta is healthier, more wholesome, packs more flavor and is 4-5 times faster to cook than the dried pasta we're all familiar with?


It all starts with our fresh pasta dough...

We make everything from scratch - it's just how we roll.

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Sauces which have pasta-test of time.

Living la dolce vita.

We offer a fresh approach to buying pasta.

Our ambition is to bring our freshly-made pasta to as many people as we can - in as many ways as possible.

It's our belief that fresh pasta shouldn't be restricted to just fine-dining restaurants & specialist grocery stores.

Which is why our pastificio concept will offer an entirely new way to get the finest authentic Italian food into hungry mouths across Malaysia.

To do so, we will be seeking out novel retail & dining experiences to best showcase our fresh pasta and artisanal products.

Where to try our pastas:

Pop-up kitchens.

There's no better way to truly appreciate the wonders of our fresh pasta than to taste the difference for yourself.

Which is why we're popping-up a pasta kitchen at Tiffin at the Yard (as well as other artisanal food markets soon), serving-up all your favorite dishes for you to try our fresh pasta.

Home delivery.

Coming soon.

Our new online shop will feature a range of fresh pastas, sauces & ingredients - along with step-by-step recipes - providing you with everything you need to prepare a speedy meal in minutes.


If you have an restaurant or F&B retail outlet and are looking to upgrade your current pasta offering - why not consider stocking our pastas?

Simply contact us for more details.

Retail stores.

Coming soon.

We're currently on the hunt for our first retail store location, so that we can bring fresh Italian produce to a neighbourhood near you.

News & Updates

Find us at Tiffin At The Yard

We're making our debut into Malaysia's buzzing food scene at KL's hottest new food market.

Join us Thursday-Sunday as we'll be serving fresh pasta dishes and Italian desserts - as well as featuring new regularly-changing specials.

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What is the Week of Italian Cuisine?

Taking place from the 13th to the 19th of November 2023, The Week of Italian Cuisine is part of a campaign with the theme "At the table with Italian cuisine: well-being with taste." – promoted by the Italian Embassy and the Italian Trade Agency in Kuala Lumpur, in collaboration with the Italian Chambers of Commerce in Malaysia. 

The primary objective of this campaign is to showcase Italian culinary traditions as a hallmark of the Italy brand while simultaneously boosting exports in the agri-food sector and promoting tourism associated with food and wine itineraries.

Buon Appetito!!

Location & Opening Times

Opening Hours:

Thurs & Fri 5pm to 10pm

Sat & Sun 11am to 10pm

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